Tuesday, December 09, 2014

4-Month Wind in the Wires Blog Tour & Giveaways

New Novel Release Wind in the Wires by Janet Chester Bly
Wind in the Wires

New Novel Release Wind in the Wires by Janet Chester Bly, Book 1, Trails of Reba Cahill

A cowgirl searches for love and family. An old man seeks justice. Their Ford Model T journey to Goldfield, Nevada exposes lies and betrayal. And two cold case murders. Will the truth be too hard for either to bear?

It’s 1991. Reba Cahill loves ranching with her grandmother on the Camas Prairie of north-central Idaho. But there’s a lot of work for the two of them. She figures a rancher husband would ease the load. But she finds few prospects in the fictional small town of Road’s End.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Widow's Journey Conference - March 6-8, 2015

A Widow's Journey
To Be Released: 3/1/2015
Pre-Order Now

A Sandy Cove Conference Center weekend for widows of all ages and at any point in the journey.

Being a widow is to be in a very lonely place.

People say, "Isn't it wonderful he's with the Lord," and you want to yell, "No! He should be here with me."
Spend a weekend with other widows where you are with people who understand. Come share your heart and your hurt and be encouraged as we remind ourselves that, hard as it is, our God is able. Learn from women who are where you are, women who have weathered grief and difficult times.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Better To See You, new novel by Gail Gaymer Martin

Better To See You
Gail Gaymer Martin

A Romantic Suspense Based on a Fairytale...

Visiting her ailing grandmother in the fairytale-like German town, Lucy Blair plans to be a caregiver during her grandma’s illness. And attend the world-renowned theater production of the Passion of Christ.
But she runs into her old college boyfriend, Ron Woodson, in Germany to learn woodcarving for his furniture making business.
Will their meeting rekindle the old flame?
Or will the past smother the new spark?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wrestling with Wonder by Marlo Schalesky

Wrestling With Wonder by Marlo Schalesky
Wrestling with Wonder

Here’s a new book that uses both fiction and nonfiction to explore the life of Mary, Jesus’ mother, in a unique way.  It’s called: WRESTLING WITH WONDER, a Transformational Journey through the Life of Mary

HERE’S A BIT ABOUT Wrestling With Wonder: 

You’ve never seen Mary, or her God, like this!
Who is this God?  Who is he who calls us to surrender and then leads us on a journey of twists and turns, ups and downs, unlike anything we could have ever expected?
Who is this God who calls a young girl to birth a Savior and then watch him die on a Roman cross?
Who is he who fulfills every promise and yet shatters every expectation?
Come, join Mary, Jesus’ mother, on a journey of discovery.
Hear the angel’s call, walk the long road to Bethlehem, give birth in a barn, search for a lost son, kneel at the foot of a cross, and experience the wind of the Spirit.
Come, walk with Mary, and find your own journey in hers.

Because life rarely turns out the way we planned...
Because we lose the wonder in the disappointments of life ...
Because being highly favored does not mean being highly pampered ...
Because Mary shows us God -- Passionate, breath-taking, and unpredictable...


While I was writing WRESTLING WITH WONDER, I had the opportunity to perform two monologues as Mary at my church, using material from my book.
I thought it would be fun to share here one of those monologues...

Narration -- What Kind of King?

He was born.  Born in a barn, wrapped in rags, laid in a feeding trough.  No palace, no crib, no soft silk meant for a king.  The animals were our witnesses.  Lowly shepherds our first visitors.
What kind of King is this?
I held him in my arms. He nestled, and nuzzled. So normal. So real. He let out a cry, his mouth open, searching. I smiled and guided him to eat.  He was strong, this newborn son of mine. Of God’s. This Messiah.
I rolled the word over in my mind as I gazed down at his pink cheeks, his stock of curly black hair. His eyes were closed, his lashes dark against his skin.
Messiah. Rescuer. Deliverer. Redeemer. King … Baby.
What kind of King is this?
He grew up, my Messiah-Son.  And was nothing like I expected.  He didn’t conquer Rome, he didn’t rule the nations, he didn’t raise an army or free Israel . . . at least not in the way I had dreamed.
Instead, he asked me to face my deepest fear. My darkest doubt. My nightmare.
A young man came to me in the night. He came disheveled and out of breath. Told me they had arrested my son. Men came—soldiers, crowds, but not only them, the priests came too. The leaders of my people. They came by night to a garden with clubs and torches and swords. And they took him.
They took him to Gabbatha, the Stone Pavement. The place of judgment.

I stood there, shaking, in a courtyard with a crowd. The noonday sun beat down on us, illuminating the stones, the people, the priests, Pilate, and my son, wavering on the platform before me. A glance stole my breath, constricted my heart. I barely recognized him. His eye was swollen, his clothes bloody. He looked like a lamb already slaughtered.
What kind of King is this?
He wore a purple robe, as if to mock him. And on his head ... Oh, Lord ... My soul shattered.
On his head was a crown made of the thorns of the akanthos bush. Blood runs down his forehead, his cheeks.
Akanthos, a symbol of my people’s shame ...
Pilate held up his hand. “Behold your king!” he shouted.
I covered my face, peeked through my fingers.
“Do you want me to release for you the King of the Jews?”
For a moment, hope soared through me.
And was crushed by a single word: “Barabbas!”
Just days before the crowds welcomed him like David coming into his kingdom. They laid palm branches, they cried hosanna! They sang, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the king of Israel!” They threw down their coats so the colt’s hooves would not even touch the dirt.
And I believed he rode in to claim his kingdom at last.
But what kind of King is this?
A king isn’t beaten.
A king isn’t bloody.
A king doesn’t die a criminal’s death.
Or does He?
Pilate spoke again. “What shall I do with this Jesus?” he cried.
The question drove into me like a soul-piercing sword. It drove through me, became my own. What shall I do with this Jesus? What shall I do with a King destined to die?
What shall I do with this kind of King?
Marlo Schalesky
doing Mary Monologue
You can find out more (and even read a sample chapter) at Marlo Schalesky’s website: www.marloschalesky.com/nonfiction 
or join Marlo on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MarloSchalesky 
or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/MarloSchalesky

Find the book on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0310337402

If you enjoy this book, you will also like Awakening Your Sense of Wonder by Janet Chester Bly. Find it http://www.blybooks.com/product_category/inspirational-family-life/
Awakening Your Sense of Wonder

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rebecca’s Crossing, new novel by Kay Rizzo

Rebecca's Crossing by Kay Rizzo
Rebecca's Crossing
Rebecca's Crossing Book Blurb:

“I can take care of myself!” Rebecca snapped, slamming the derringer onto the shelf beneath the counter top.

At nineteen, Rebecca Cunard, youngest child of Pastor Eli and Fay Cunard, is a feisty and fiercely independent young woman, more at home in her prospector’s garb than the lacy dresses she wears to work each day at Joe Master’s mercantile store. 

One fateful day, her rash words force her to flee from home under the cover of darkness.  Under the watchful eye and protection of Hobie Masters, her faithful childhood friend, Rebecca sets out on a journey that will take her from Placerville, California—almost three thousand miles—to Independence, Missouri, and the safety of Serenity Inn and her brother Caleb.

As she leaves, Fay Cunard reminds her daughter that “as strong as you think you may be, you need to let others help you.  Your biggest flaw is thinking you don’t need help from others.  But you do, especially from God.”

Monday, July 21, 2014

Death Takes a Ride, a new novel by Lorena McCourtney

Death Takes a Ride by Lorena McCourtney
Death Takes a Ride

Death Takes a Ride, The Cate Kincaid Files, by New York Times bestselling author Lorena McCourtney

It's official. This case is above her pay grade. Cate's in over her head.

Date Kinkaid arrives at H&B Vintage Auto Restoration to give a friend a ride. But, as usual, trouble finds Cate even there. This time in the form of one dead man, one wounded man, and what appears to be a pretty obvious case of self-defense.

Monday, May 05, 2014

New Suspense Novel by Wanda Dyson

The Restoration

The Restoration by High Octane Suspense Author Wanda Dyson

Grace Mitchell is thrilled when she buys her first home. She hires contractor Max Trent to help. But all too soon, they find themselves right in the middle of a nationwide conspiracy. A well-known televangelist is linked with a group of power brokers determined to promote their own agenda.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Rescued By The Firefighter by Gail Gaymer Martin

Romance novel Rescued by the Firefighter by Gail Gaymer Martin
Rescued by the Firefighter
Gail Gaymer Martin

A Love Inspired Romance Novel - April 2014 release

Readers enjoyed the first two novels in Gail Gaymer Martin's Sisters Series. She received Amazon 5 and 4-1/2 star ratings for recommended authors from readers and 4 stars from Romantic Times. Rescued By The Firefighter is the final novel in the series and is in stores now.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rachel, Biblical Novel by Jill Eileen Smith

Rachel, a biblical novel by Jill Eileen Smith

New Novel Release by Jill Eileen Smith

Can true love overcome a legacy of betrayal?

Rachel wants her older half-sister Leah to wed and move out of their household. Leah wishes her father would find a good man who would love her alone. Meanwhile, Jacob is making his way to their home to escape a past laced with deceit. He hopes instead to find the future God has promised him.

But the past comes back to haunt Jacob. He finds himself on the receiving end of treachery. The man who wanted only one woman ends up with two sisters who have never gotten along. Now they must spend the rest of their lives sharing a husband. In the power struggles that follow, only one woman will triumph. Or will she?

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Booklet on Prayer By Bill Crowder

Booklet on Prayer, Let's Talk by Bill Crowder
Let's Talk

Let's Talk ... Praying Your Way to a Deeper Relationship with God

Bill Crowder

Book Blurb: 

Why, in our times of deep spiritual and emotional turmoil, do we not turn to television pundits or to celebrities or to anyone else offering an opinion? Why do we pour out our souls to God in prayer? In Let's Talk, author and Bible teacher Bill Crowder reminds us that "Christ repeatedly retreated to the invisible presence of the Father."

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lord Danvers by Donna Fletcher Crow

A Most Inconvenient Death by Donna Fletcher Crow
A Most Inconvenient Death

Now Available in Paperback

One of my favorite gems of wisdom I’ve attempted to pass on to our children is that life gives you second chances. And sometimes even third and fourth chances.
That’s certainly true in the case of books in this age of electronic publishing. And my Lord Danvers Victorian true-crime series is a case in point. 

I began the series in 1993— wow, that’s 20 years ago!— with A Most Inconvenient Death, telling the story of the shattering events of the Stanfield Hall murders through the eyes of an eccentric nobleman grieving the death of his fiancé.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Firefighter’s New Family by Gail Gaymer Martin

The Firefighter's New Family by Gail Gaymer Martin
The Firefighter's New Family

Gail Gaymer Martin 

The Firefighter's New Family 

Do you find firefighter’s lives different? I do, especially since writing this book. They live in danger everyday they work to save people’s lives and property.   

The Firefighter’s New Family is the second novel in the Sisters Series. It follows the first novel, Her Valentine Hero, the story of the older sister, Neely. This novel is Ashley’s story, introduced in the first book. 

In April, you will read the last story in the series, and you will meet that character in this new book. The third novel,  Rescued By The Firefighter, is also a uniue story that opens our eyes to the lives and dangers of fire fighting.