Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Homestead by Jane Kirkpatrick

Author Jane Kirkpatrick's Homestead book
Homestead by Jane Kirkpatrick

Another Bly Books recommended author: 

Historical fiction novelist Jane Kirkpatrick was interviewed for one of her nonfiction books on Book TV and programmed on the C-Span network April 5, 2014.

She talks about her first book Homestead that was reissued by Whitaker House. The story is of her and her husband's journey to make a new life on a remote ranch in the 1980s. They have lived there for 27 years. The presentation is part of a local content program C-Span does to introduce eastern viewers to smaller communities throughout the country. 

This one features the city of Bend, Oregon. 
Click here to see the Homestead interview: HOMESTEAD INTERVIEW