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Rebecca’s Crossing, new novel by Kay Rizzo

Rebecca's Crossing by Kay Rizzo
Rebecca's Crossing
Rebecca's Crossing Book Blurb:

“I can take care of myself!” Rebecca snapped, slamming the derringer onto the shelf beneath the counter top.

At nineteen, Rebecca Cunard, youngest child of Pastor Eli and Fay Cunard, is a feisty and fiercely independent young woman, more at home in her prospector’s garb than the lacy dresses she wears to work each day at Joe Master’s mercantile store. 

One fateful day, her rash words force her to flee from home under the cover of darkness.  Under the watchful eye and protection of Hobie Masters, her faithful childhood friend, Rebecca sets out on a journey that will take her from Placerville, California—almost three thousand miles—to Independence, Missouri, and the safety of Serenity Inn and her brother Caleb.

As she leaves, Fay Cunard reminds her daughter that “as strong as you think you may be, you need to let others help you.  Your biggest flaw is thinking you don’t need help from others.  But you do, especially from God.”

On the brutal twenty-four day trip, Rebecca makes friends with her fellow travelers, including the charming Bo Devers from Tennessee.  Aggie, a motherly  type notes the growing attraction between Rebecca and Bo and sagely observes, “Never forget that no matter how brilliantly new brass shines, it ain’t gold and never will be.”

Set in 1859, Rebecca’s Crossing is the uplifting story of a young woman who struggles to accept that trust is not a sign of weakness, and that surrendering to God is the surest way to accomplish all things in His strength. It’s Book 8 in The Serenity Inn Series. Each book stands alone.

Kay Rizzo says:
I especially enjoyed gathering the research that goes into these historical fiction books.  I just published Northern Lights, a WWII spy adventure set in Alaska.  My latest book, A Prodigal Daughter, a true story set in the San Joaquin Valley will be released next month.  It deals with human trafficking.  

Author Kay Rizzo
Kay Rizzo
Kay Rizzo’s Bio:

Kay D. Rizzo shares her excitement for living God’s abundant life at conferences from Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to the Caribbean, and on to the shores of Australia.  She delivers spiritual insights with a balance of humor, drama and vulnerability that moves her audience from laughter to tears to conviction.

She has published fifty books, including I Will Die Free (endorsed by Amnesty International), On Wings of Praise, and the Serenity Inn series. 

Kay met Richard, her college professor husband, while working in the school library at Atlantic Union College.  Their fifty-year romance has produced two daughters, a son-in-law, and two grandsons—Jarod and Alec.  Mini-honeymoons on the beach, reading a good book, writing off-beat blogs, and traveling to faraway places are the Rizzos' greatest loves.  

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