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New Booklet on Prayer By Bill Crowder

Booklet on Prayer, Let's Talk by Bill Crowder
Let's Talk

Let's Talk ... Praying Your Way to a Deeper Relationship with God

Bill Crowder

Book Blurb: 

Why, in our times of deep spiritual and emotional turmoil, do we not turn to television pundits or to celebrities or to anyone else offering an opinion? Why do we pour out our souls to God in prayer? In Let's Talk, author and Bible teacher Bill Crowder reminds us that "Christ repeatedly retreated to the invisible presence of the Father."

Examining the significance of prayer in the lives of believers, this straightforward book encourages us to make prayer a priority. In its pages, we can find fresh viewpoints on the extraordinary privilege of prayer that present a clearer picture of who God is and why prayer is a vital part of an ongoing pursuit of a closer walk with God.

Let's Talk offers six perspectives on prayer:

1) dependence because we need God desperately
2) rest in the hard work that is life
3) acceptance in whatever the outcome might be
4) intercession always in every opportunity for all
5) mystery in God's sovereignty, yet our prayers matter
6) confidence when torn between faith and doubt, belief and unbelief

Each chapter ends with a "Talking Together" section of discussion questions.
Prayer Booklet Author Bill Crowder
Bill Crowder

About the Author:

Bill Crowder, who spent over twenty years in pastoral ministry, is vice president of ministry content at RBC Ministries. He is a contributor to Our Daily Bread and the author of five books, including The Spotlight of Faith, The Path of His Passion, and Singing the Songs of the Brokenhearted. He and his wife, Marlene, have five children.

On Writing

"For me, few things offer a more staggering privilege and responsibility than being allowed to write. While my first love in ministry will always be the spoken word, putting words on a page has a sense of permanence that words floating through the air don't offer."

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Let's Talk: Praying Your Way to a Deeper Relationship with GodLet's Talk: Praying Your Way to a Deeper Relationship with God by Bill Crowder

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