Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Avery John Creede Treks to Lewistown, Montana Territory

Creede of Old Montana western romance novel by Stephen Bly
Creede of Old Montana

Excerpt from western romance novel Creede of Old Montana by Stephen Bly:

"Where are we going?"
Avery yanked a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to his nephew Ace.
"A telegram? Who from?"
"Read it while I check the riggin' on the team."
"'Wanted for cattle rustling: Curly Buck Clamer and King Snake DuPrix. If seen, notify me at once. U.S. Marshal Kib McCoy, Lewistown, M.T.' What do we have to do with a couple cattle rustlers?"

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Christmas Western Novel: Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing

Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing by Stephen Bly
Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing

Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing, Christmas Western Novel by Award-Winning Author Stephen Bly

Christmas 1875 Stuart Brannon lost his wife, Lisa Nash Brannon, and infant son in childbirth. In this 1876 Christmas western novel, a horrific blizzard was only the start of his troubles.

Stuart Brannon didn't need another disaster. The fierce winter at Broken Arrow Crossing couldn't come at a worse time. Brannon had abandoned his Arizona ranch, sick with grief after losing his family and his cattle. That's when the vicious Colorado storm struck.