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“I Love Farm Life” says city bred author & speaker, Pamela Sonnemoser.

Caption #1: A weed? A flower?
Note from the Blys:
Flowers are such a rarity, except for dandelions and wild roses, up here in our mountain home in northern Idaho. With great caution, we’ve hung a basket of pansies out on our front porch. . .a gift from our kids at Easter. But we have to watch the temperature gauge with care as we’re still having weather in the 30s and snow flurries.

Last week we had a full-blown blizzard.

We’re delighted to display photos like Pamela Sonnemoser’s on our blog. . .pick-me-ups that maybe Spring will happen sometime soon. She sent these beautiful flower pics for our Country Life Captions feature. . . . 

Country Life Caption #1: Beauty and pain often come from the same source. Give them a chance, every flower was a weed until someone fell in love with it.

“I love my farm life in Northwest Missouri,” says Pamela. “This photo is just one of the many amazing sites we see in our country summers.”

Caption #2: Black-Eyed Susans
Country Life Caption #2: These Black Eyed Susans at the edge of our soybean field come back beautifully each year. They are such a part of life on the farm, that they became the photo for one of my book covers, Praise & Paraphrase.

Caption #3: Fall To Winter
Country Life Caption #3: Fall yields to winter's touch, the beauty of change comes with each season.


Pamela Sonnenmoser & husband, John
Pamela Sonnenmoser is author of books that include Beside The Empty Cradle, Praise & Paraphrase, and Pamela’s Healthy Pantry. She is also a speaker on various themes as listed on her website. She makes her home with her husband, John, on their farm in Northwest Missouri. Growing up near Los Angeles, she never imagined that God would lead her to a rural life. She has learned to embrace the culture of the country while continuing her family’s legacy of ministry in abuse shelters, summer camps, retreats and churches across the country.

To learn more about Pamela, check out her websites:

What’s your favorite season and your preferred flowers that goes with it?

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