Saturday, May 21, 2011


Winter Butterfly -- Late Bloomer
Here's a Country Life Caption entry by author Rebecca Barlow Jordan. We welcome her as a guest on our blog:

My “country garden” consists of a small town, backyard, perennial plot, but it’s a wonderful place to commune with God and marvel in the lessons from His creations. 

I wrote about this “winter” butterfly—and one of those lessons God taught me in a blog about late bloomers:
I live on the edge of East Texas. God never gave me my dream house in the country with a wrap-around porch, but He has blessed me beyond measure.

Day-votedly His,
Rebecca Barlow Jordan


Rebecca Barlow Jordan
Rebecca Barlow Jordan is a mom, wife, grandmom, inspirational speaker and author of 11 books, and devoted Christ follower who loves to encourage others, heart to heart.

Author, Speaker, Greeting Card Writer
Encouraging Others Heart to Heart
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Rebecca Barlow Jordan said...

Thanks for posting my story/pic on your site,Janet!I love all your country pics and inspiring stories. Great blogs and great website!

Janet Bly said...

Rebecca: Thanks so much for your entry and your comments!