Monday, May 23, 2011


On the Trail 
with Stephen Bly 

When you hair brand cattle, you hold the branding iron against the critter long enough to burn the hair, but not the hide. This works as a quick, temporary trail brand when driving mixed herds.

But often a hair brand was a dishonest attempt to make an animal look properly branded. Later, the hair grows out, leaving no brand at all.

Claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ is like being branded.

“You are marked with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit” (Ephesians 1:13).

The true imprint of the Holy Spirit marks your body, soul and spirit for life. From that day forward, you’re a child of God.

Unless you’re play-acting.

Some like calling themselves Christians or going to church on occasion, but have no intention of knowing God like a friend, seeking his guidance, or certainly not obeying him.

They may want to keep peace with a spouse. Or they feel they need to be a good role model for the kids. Or it keeps up appearances with significant others. So, they make like they’re standing up for Jesus when they’re really sitting down somewhere else inside. 

But sooner or later the hair grows out. True commitment is revealed. The charade’s over as they fall back into themselves, instead of into the arms of Jesus.

They may claim the faith just didn’t take. Truth is, they never submitted to the Lord’s heir brand.

His brand is the cross.


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