Saturday, October 30, 2010


Here's a recent entry in our "Country Life Captions" feature. . .which includes some interesting tidbits about the actor James Dean and his hometown.
Tractors Reflect Farm Life

“This vintage photo from Fairmount, Indiana is typical of farm life I knew and loved, along with a cut-up cake shaped like a tractor for a young boy's birthday party. The color of the icing reflected the family's preference for the brand. Green meant John Deere!”

Cathy Duling Shouse

Writer Cathy Duling Shouse is the fifth generation of her family to live in Fairmount, Indiana. Her first book, "Images of America: Fairmount," released in July 2010 offers 223 vintage photos, including a young James Dean posed on the family tractor

James Dean’s hometown of Fairmount has fascinated generations of movie fans for decades. Cathy Duling Shouse explores the culture of Fairmount through the eyes of Fairmount natives, including many of Dean’s classmates. 

This historic photo book has a full chapter of James Dean with previously unpublished photos. It also contains a chapter on Jim Davis, and covers the Gas Boom era, the Underground Railroad, and the mammoth bones found at Lake Galatia. 

Get your copy of this unique book of photography. . . .

Fairmount (Images of America) (Images of America Series)
Images of America: Fairmount
Images of America: Fairmount is currently available by emailing the author at

The book is also available at Walgreens in Marion, Indiana


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