Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Janet Chester Bly

Anytime the subject of grace comes up, I realize how short I fall in bestowing graciousness in every thought, word and deed. It begins with, just how well do I know God? He’s the epitome, the originator of grace. And I always remember hubby and pastor Stephen Bly’s definition for grace: "God’s love freely given to guilty sinners in defiance of what they deserve."

How well do I know the God of grace?
I know a few things.
He is a very personal God. Like the best kind of father.
He values my friendship.
He accepts my puny offering of love.
He has forgiven each mistake, every sin I've confessed.
He cares as much for every quirky, annoying person in my world.

How can I give out a measure of the grace He has shown to me?

1. Look for ways to cooperate with sincere people.

2. Presume that every person I come in contact with today is worthy of my attention and concern.

3. Face the facts as I know them of every situation.

4. Correct my thinking when presented with new, credible information.

5. Don’t speak unless I’m sure of the truth, in order to correct, but not to argue.

6. Determine to live by the truth, but be patient with those whose faith is weak.

7. Compromise when I can. But don’t seek peace at any price. Keep with my  godly compass. Line out my limits. Determine how far I’ll go. And no more. That’s smart grace.

8. When deception’s exposed, help the guilty face the consequences. Not with smugness or gleeful cheers. That’s no kind of grace.

9. Don’t stay in the ditch of devastation. God is never caught by surprise. He knows everything . . . the private, most dastardly plots, the heart’s deepest betrayal. Yet he dispenses grace.

10. Trust in God’s deep, far-reaching, powerful grace for my neighbor and the most undeserving.

“Try to help those who argue against you. Be merciful to those who doubt. Save some by snatching them as from the very flames of hell itself” (Jude 22,23 NLT)

How are you showing grace to the people around you?

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