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Steve with sons Russell & Aaron
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Stephen Bly

I’ve got a picture of me with my sons and it reminds me of an alarming trend in our society. Every generation seems to be getting taller and bigger. To me, this presents hazardous implications. My great-grandson will need very high ceilings in his house. His kids will get sore backs from stooping down to stare into the frig. And my great-granddaughter will need to ride a draft horse to barrel race.

Steve with grandkids
To prove my point, my Daddy measured a good 4 inches and 50 pounds lighter than me. My three grown sons are big 6’2” galoots who could chill any man standing in their shadows. 

The word ‘galoot’ originated in the east—a slang word for an awkward, simple fellow. But when it came west, it meant ‘the man who wasn’t there.’ Not a derogatory term though. By the late 19th Century, galoot became synonymous with hombre. . .man. . .friend.

Buffalo Bill on right
Galoot’s another nickname for an Old West crammed with nicknames, such as--Wild Bill, Buffalo Bill, Crooked Nose George, Three Finger Charlie, Galena Smith, Sawtooth Ed Mason, Cactus McQuary, Oh Be Joy Miller. Seems like that’s a trend for wherever two or three men gather together.

Jesus didn’t hesitate to give his disciples nicknames. 
Simon Peter was called “The Rock.” 
James and John got tagged “Sons of Thunder” (Mark 3:17)
These monikers revealed their main character traits.

Makes you wonder. What nickname would the Lord give to you? 

Might have to do with your reputation, or the habits you’re building, or just the winsome way He perceives you. Maybe he’d call you and me  His Big Galoots.

Whatever the name, it’s born out of His great love and He’ll say it with a tender smile.

Have you ever thought about what name you’d like Him to call you?

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Alex Marestaing said...

I call my own three kids, so many nicknames I can't remember them all. Nicknames definitely are terms of endearment. Thanks for the post.

Stephen Bly said...

Alex: Thank you for you note. Appreciate your stopping by.

On the trail,

Connie Sue said...

I will be happy to have my loving Heavenly Father just say "You are mine"......doesn't get better than that!