Monday, June 14, 2010


Janet Chester Bly

It seems unreasonable to not be full of concern. . .most every day. There’s so much wrong in the world and it’s in our face. . .most all the time. But we can release the brain-breaking burden, at least some part of it.

You and I can’t take on everyone’s problems. Not even of those we love most. But there’s also the fears and frets within, as well as pressures without.  

Here’s something to do today: part with one peace blocker. Refuse to take it back. Give up what dams up the rivers of sparkling, living streams of peace and calm inside you.

Consider whether you lack peace because you. . .like to be in control and you aren’t. . .haven’t been grateful for all that’s good and right in your world for a long time. . .tend to judge and be critical and it comes back to harangue you.

Friend Gail sings a lilting soprano so lovely that she’s often asked to perform at public events. But she tends to decline, much to everyone’s loss. “I can’t bear to sing solos in front of anyone but those close to me,” she explains. “It’s terrifying. It's like I've hung a 'no singing' sign on the home wall of my heart.”

During a weekend retreat, something the speaker said helped her realize: “I’m very critical of others who sing, since I’ve had a lot of voice training.” She concluded that her harsh assessments of others tumbled over to the sounds of self-critic in her own ear. “I assume the same kind of treatment from those who listen to me.”

Gail began by being gracious to herself and lifting her voice to God and for his glory. That got her attention on the right focus. Now her singing’s more than a trained talent. It’s a spiritual gift.

How have you wrangled a worry or blocked a peace buster lately?

"I will make peace your governor and righteousness your ruler" (Isaiah 60:17b NIV).


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csthankful said...

This is so pognant in a time wehre there are issues pulling us in every direction all of the time. SO often there seems to be no end in sight...BUT GOD......He is so willing to take our concerns on His strong shoulders....we don't have to grab them back because He nevers waivers or tires. Wow! Why would we NOT want to let go of a peace blocker today???? Hugs, Connie Sue

Janet Bly said...

CS: Thanks so much for the comments. Seems like we have to keep working at it, because of the steady on-slought.