Wednesday, June 09, 2010



One thing about growing older that quite surprises me. . .crankiness gets harder, not easier to control. That sure dampens calm and cool and collected.  

But personal peace is still possible. . .because it's a choice. If you're controlled by cranky, here's my take. Convert at least one negative meditation habit. Become your own mind control police.

One suggestion: dull an inordinate passion by switching to an opposite spirit. For example, in place of jealousy. . .try gratitude. Bitterness. . .show kindness. Anger. . .put on compassion. Practice this over and over until it's second nature.

Counselors like Byron Paulus of Life Action Ministries claim that a deep root of bitterness and unforgiveness infests the vast majority of their tens of thousands of clients. The consequences spread the globe. A counselor or mentor or friend might help you cleanse foul feelings or raging responses which poison your well of peace.

God can help. But you must cooperate. You've got to really want to convert. Grab the reins to your mind and give them to Him. That might mean action, such as. . .
Spend less time with angry, jealous, bitter folks. 
Set boundaries for acting out your emotions.

Redirect your feelings to positive channels.

Rather than rancid revenge, opt for sweet pardon.

Instead of rampant reprisals, quickly forgive.

Easy to write. Hard to do. But it's so worth it. For the sake of inner peace. Do it for you.

-- What surprises you most as you grow older?

-- What one effective action on your part assists you to get a grip, to convert your energy-sapping attitude to a positive one?

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Janalyn Voigt said...


Janet Bly said...

Janalyn: Yes, pouring it all to God, the irritations and hassles--excellent answer!

Anonymous said...

Learn to forgive and be honest with yourself.

Niki Anderson said...

Janet, at "suddenly 65," I'm surprised that many personal treasures hold no interest for me any longer. Years before I would never have guessed I'd pack a box full of antique collectibles to sell at tomorrow's garage sale. The surprise is a good one. I prefer that my treasures be laid up in heaven, not on shelves, only in my home.

Janet Bly said...

Greetings, Niki: Very interesting observation. I am discovering the same truth myself. BTW, just curious, what year did you graduate from High School? I am 'suddenly 65' too!

csthankful said...

I agree that we (I) make choices every day whether to be cranky or not. Amazing how much better the day goes when I make the choice to not take crankiness along with me! When I start to fall, I ask God to help and He always shows me a way. The improntat part of this is that yes God can take it away, but if I don't do my part nothing good happens. Very important piece to the puzzle. Hugs, Connie Sue