Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Janet Chester Bly

I’ve been feeling a bit tensed and rushed this week. No peace at my core. 

Today I decided to pay attention to my own advice from my “31 Days To Win The Fight For Personal Peace.”* 

So, I followed these steps:

Took a dozen slow, deep breaths.

Slowed down every racing thought. Cleared the jumble of my overwrought mind. (That took a while.)

Closed my eyes and thought through one positive action, no matter how small, that could help me accomplish something or come alongside someone in need. Such as, to clean out my office closet. Or spritz up a bathroom. Or pay for someone’s coffee or lunch. Or concentrate on one mess, like the pile of papers on my desk. Or do some other productive or reaching out exercise.

I find it very helpful to keep asking myself, “What's ONE next thing that needs to be done?” For my spouse. For my kids or grandkids. For a friend or neighbor. For my job. I keep it simple and focused until it’s done. Then, I find another, then another. Three important tasks a day keeps stress away.

When I’m dragged out or depressed, I file a dozen papers…or iron six shirts. If I’m surrounded by clutter, I spend a minimum one hour to tuck in a drawer, stuff into thrift bags, or toss out.

Then I force myself to embrace, to fully enjoy the satisfaction. . .of getting some things done. I refuse to think about all the stuff left. That’s tomorrow’s worry. I insist on a respite of contentment, a close cousin of peace.

Sure does help. Thank you, Lord!

Be glad for all God is planning for you.
Be patient in trouble, and prayerful always.
Romans 12:12, TLB

Don’t burn out;
Keep yourselves fueled and aflame.
Romans 12:12, MSG

* ”31 Days To Win The Fight For Personal Peace” available for free download at: http://www.BlyBooks.com/articles.htm

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