Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Avery John Creede Treks to Lewistown, Montana Territory

Creede of Old Montana western romance novel by Stephen Bly
Creede of Old Montana

Excerpt from western romance novel Creede of Old Montana by Stephen Bly:

"Where are we going?"
Avery yanked a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to his nephew Ace.
"A telegram? Who from?"
"Read it while I check the riggin' on the team."
"'Wanted for cattle rustling: Curly Buck Clamer and King Snake DuPrix. If seen, notify me at once. U.S. Marshal Kib McCoy, Lewistown, M.T.' What do we have to do with a couple cattle rustlers?"

"Nothin'. But it shows that there's a U.S. Marshal in Lewistown. We'll take Rinkmann there. This trail should cross the river and swing around to the road to Lewistown and on to Billings."
Ace folded the telegram and handed it back to Avery. "But that road will take us back into Rinkmann territory. No one would be foolish enough to take that road."
"That's what I'm hopin' they think." Avery climbed back into the wagon seat. "Scoot over. You're drivin'."
"What? You never let me drive."
"This is the first time we've been in a wagon together. What do you mean, I never let you drive? The doc gave me something to kill the pain while he sewed up my arm. It made me sleepy. I'm going to take a nap. You up to it?"
"Yes, sir. I can do it."
"Wake me up if you see someone headed our way. Are you sleepy?"
"Nope. I've got some ponderin' to do."
"About a lady?"
"Well, so do I."
Lewistown, Montana World's Finest Spring Water
Lewistown, Montana

About Lewistown, Montana:

So, Avery John Creede heads to Lewistown along a very dangerous route. Read more about Creede of Old Montana here:  http://www.blybooks.com/bookstore/western-romance-novel-2/

We have relatives who live in Lewistown, Montana. This town boasts the "World's Finest Spring Water." They also can have some fierce storms at times. 

The quiet, modern day farm town of Lewistown also has an exciting past. Here's one event that happened ... 

On July 4, 1884, two villainous looking cattle rustlers named Longhair Owen and Rattlesnake Jake Fallon
Lewistown, Montana storm
came to town. They lost their money in a horse race, got rip roaring drunk and shot up the place.  

The locals didn't appreciate that much. 

They armed with Winchesters and spread along the town's one street and opened fire. At the end of the gunfight, both Longhair and Rattlesnake lay dead. One took nine bullets, the other eleven. They died in front of an itinerant photographer's tent. He took pictures of the deceased rustlers and sold them for a tidy profit. 

Creede of Old Montana is available in hardback and most eBook digital reader formats. Click here: http://www.blybooks.com/bookstore/western-romance-novel-2/


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