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STORY DOODLES, Stephen Bly's Story Worksheet for Homeschoolers, Future Writers & Those With Writer's Block

Story Worksheet article by Stephen Bly
Stephen Bly

Many have asked about my story worksheet that I've used at writer's classes, workshops and conferences.

What's a story worksheet?

 Do you remember those cardboard matchbook covers that said, "Draw Me!" If you're not of a certain age, probably not. They often included a cartoon character of a lady's or man's head.

(Do you even recall matchbooks?)
Story Worksheet Article with Draw Me! Matchbook
Draw Me! Matchbook

 If you could draw that character, the company you sent it to would claim you had real artistic talent. You qualified for their writing course (as long as you paid the bucks for it).

I've always been disappointed they didn't have one that said, "Write Me!" I could send them a story I wrote. They would tell me what wonderful talent I had and let me enroll in their correspondence course.

The truth is, not everyone is an artist. Nor can everyone become a published writer. However, anyone can have fun drawing, sketching, and doodling. Most all of us do it anyway. It's personal expression. It's fun.

Story Worksheet Article - Sure Hope You Become A Writer
In the same way, anybody can write a story. Think of it as story doodling. You can be a story doodler!

Here's a way to give you a start. I've used this story worksheet for homeschoolers and public school classes, as well as for beginning writer workshops at conferences.

Sit back. Let your mind run free. Fill in these story worksheet blanks.


STORY DOODLE Story Worksheet

My story is about a ____________________ named ___________________   who is ________ years old and lives in ______________.
He/she/it wakes up one ________ and finds much to his/her/its surprise that   _________________________.
Not wanting others to find out that he/she/it is ____________________   or even __________________,   he-she-it sets out to ____________________   in order to find __________________.
Little does he/she/it know that ____________________ has already __________________.
Throughout the story, he/she/it struggles to understand ___________________   and through a series of __________________ finally discovers   ____________________.

Now, all you have to do is come up with a catchy title (recommend six words or less):     "___________________________________________________"

Voila! You have a story. If you're really brave, show it to someone.
Or email it to janet(at)blybooks(dot)com. She will feature it on one of our blogs.
You are welcome to drag and paste and print out this sample, as long as you include the credit: Stephen Bly,
Or you can email janet(at)blybooks(dot)com and ask for a Story Doodle Worksheet attachment to be sent to you.

 If you're a homeschooler, beginning writer, or been in writer's block mode for a time, consider a correspondence course or one of these other writer's resources:

 Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, correspondence courses for fiction and nonfiction, for all levels of writers. For more info: 

An Introduction to Christian Writing, by Ethel Herr, in-depth of the complete writing experience:

Writing the Natural Way, by Gabriele Lusser Rico, using right-brain techniques to release your expressive powers:

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