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My Kids Drive Me Crazy: Am I a Good Mom?

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Or when my kids drive me crazy, am I a bad mom? And who am I really, apart from them? by Stephen Bly & Janet Chester Bly

It's a challenge to keep an identity while kids grow up. "My kids drive me crazy," every mom says at least once. At those times, when you're life is so tied to them and their issues, it's hard to remember who you are, apart from them. 

A good goal: value your identity as a mother, but also as a unique individual.

A woman is often introduced by her family relationships. Betty's daughter. Stephen's wife. Later, Stephen's widow. Russell, Michael, and Aaron's mother. Quite often, these descriptions determine your perception of yourself ... and your importance.

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Alayah Ross
What typical descriptions do people use to introduce you? How do you feel about these intros? What do these feelings reveal about your attitude toward your role(s) in life?

Most important, would you feel satisfied with your life if the best you could say was, "I've been a good mom to my kids, despite the fact that my kids drive me crazy sometimes"? Why, or why not?
From If My Kids Drive Me Crazy, Am I A Bad Mom? by Janet Chester Bly 
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