Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Offering, new novel by Angela Elwell Hunt

New novel, The Offering by Angela Elwell Hunt
The Offering

The Offering, new novel by Angela Elwell Hunt releases May 14th, but it's available for pre-ordering now...at your bookstore or favorite online bookstore!

Be among the first to read this new novel story--an intimate look at what can happen when technology intersects a contemporary American family. Angela set the book in her own geographical area. She enjoyed doing firsthand research in her own locale--which in this case involved visiting a local Cuban grocery.

She shared draft copies of her new novel with her book club. Here's what they said:

"This book made me realize that family is not just blood relatives. Family is a bond you develop with those that become a part of your life in all situations that warrant love and understanding. Reading this great story will make you cry, smile, and love more."  --Sharon O.

"THE OFFERING uncovers the undeniable depth of a mother's love, emotions, and family roots." --Sue S.

"As stunning as THE NOTE, THE OFFERING carries your emotions along to new places. A moving portrayal of the conflicting emotions of
motherhood in the twenty-first century." --Janet V.

"A novel beautifully constructed with love and charming characters. Very thought-provoking."  --Barb D.

"A poignant, thought-provoking story with lots of heart. A great read!" --Becky C.
Angela Elwell Hunt

There's a Facebook launch party on May 21 for new novel, The Offering. Look for details on Angela's facebook page: www.facebook.com/angela.e.hunt

Stay tuned for updates on another new novel, HADASSAH, the story of Esther. No publication date yet.
Angela's website: www.angelahuntbooks.com

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Thank you so much for the mention, Janet. So appreciate you and your friendship!