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Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell by Janet Chester Bly

Country girl Janet Chester Bly & her snow covered car
Snow covered Chevy Lumina

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, a country girl adventure by Janet Chester Bly

We never know when we're about to face a frightening moment of decision. Doesn't matter if you're city bred or a country girl out for a ride.

My friend and I were blithely driving down a countryside Idaho highway one winter's day. Speed about sixty miles per hour. Then a semi-truck coming toward us passed and spewed snow and mud so thick on our windshield that we were totally blinded.

Should we try to pull off on the side? But where was it? Keep going and hope the snow blows off? Were we going to crash? If we slowed down, would we be rear-ended? It was sheer panic for those few seconds. We cried out in prayer.

Somehow we did manage to slip and slide to the roadside. To knock off the snow. To clear our view. How we treasured the privilege of sight and safety, to be able to travel in peace again. Such a scenario could have happened in a big, crowded eastern city. But here we were country gals, living in the wide open west, with a new and unnerving adventure story to tell. 

Life, for most of us, is not a steady, safe gun of the motor. Some days we're harassed by
country girl Janet Chester Bly with icycles
Janet with icycles
burrs and burdens. Other days we feel like a ball of yarn coming unraveled. It seems like we're provoked, prodded, and picked on by the world. Happens whether you're an urbanite or country girl. Whether you're single, happily married or widowed. Whether you're a homeschooler, SAHM, or career gal. 

This earth spins for everyone somewhere between hell and heaven. The travails 'out there' intensify pressure on up close and personal upsets. And lately it seems there's fear and panic everywhere. Unthinkable things are happening. 

Yet you can still build a solid foundation of trust in a God of love. He calls out, "Wake up! Pay attention. I'm doing something in your day ... good things ... you may find hard to believe. Don't be afraid."

Allow blinding smacks of snow blasts on your own country girl journey to shake you up. See the road ahead clear and unobstructed. No more mindless drifting. No more stupor. No numbing of the soul.

Things to remember when trauma and troubles hit you or those you love.

1.) Life is a medley of joys, a mixture of woes. The irony is, your most troubled times can reveal the most amazing, grace-filled moments. Watch for them.

2.) You know better what to appreciate and value in the shadow of loss and near-tragedy.

3.) Provide a measure of comfort to others hit by shockers. Do what you can. And be grateful for any mercy, however small, extended to you during an unpleasant jolt.

Country girl Janet Chester Bly, author of Hope Lives Here
Hope Lives Here
by Janet Chester Bly
Adapted from Hope Lives Here by Janet Chester Bly:


Life is a medley of joys, a mixture of woes. value in the shadow of loss and near-tragedy. trauma hits, provide comfort. Be grateful for mercy. 

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