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Stephen Bly 2009
By Stephen Bly

Old-time cowboys would be surprised at today’s cattle business. In the 1800s, Texas longhorn steers were on their way out. The hard winters forced cattlemen to search for hardier breeds. Herefords and others replaced longhorns.

But longhorns have made a comeback. They’re considered a tough bunch that requires less care than newer breeds. They’re known to survive scruffy locations and produce leaner meat. Mossy-backed longhorns especially proved to be sturdy. They were afraid of nothing…except heel flies.

heel fly
That’s the worst season for cow raisers. In southern ranges heel flies arrive between mid-February and mid-April. Those tiny flies sting cattle in the tender part of the leg, just above the hoof, where they lay eggs. Heel flies can cause even tough old longhorns to scatter in panic … in search of water or bog holes to escape the torment.

Such tiny insects, yet they can drive cows wild.

Sometimes it’s the annoyances you can hardly see that give you the most trouble. Big troubles can grow from little specks. That’s true for spiritual well being too. The quicker you learn to recognize temptations and sins when they’re just pinpricks, the better off you’ll be (James 1:15 MSG).

Maybe if little sins hurt more, you’d do something about it in a big fat hurry. If you felt a painful sting every time you strayed away from God, maybe you’d stampede towards him sooner and more often. At least the longhorns always know when the heel flies are around.

What in your life works like a loving nip at the heels?  

Sometimes it’s the very thing that seems like an annoyance, a chronic harassment ... but yet God means this problem or person to prevent you future pain. To help you recognize trouble ahead … and fight against it.


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