Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Hubble space telescope
By Stephen Bly

 I once watched a scientist on TV explain what went haywire with the Hubble telescope floating out in space. 
 Seemed like an ironic use of words…a billion dollar computer goes haywire. 
 I wondered if any of those NASA officials have ever been around haywire.

Some words are too good to keep on the ranch.

Haywire’s one.

Hay Bale
In fact, many a kid on a ranch today has never seen haywire either. Most bales these days are tied with orange, poly-plastic twine…or some such. But for about a century, baled hay got secured with two thin, tough wires. Once you cut the wires and fed the cows, you had to make sure you gathered up both wires and twisted them together in a haphazard fashion, tossing them far away from the cattle.

I know a guy who lost a $3,000 bull who swallowed some haywire. Countless livestock have died from ingesting bits of it.

Sometimes it seems the whole world’s gone haywire.

The Bible laments, “What is twisted cannot be straightened” (Ecclesiastes 1:15). That is, life’s full of paradoxes that cannot be solved, messes that can’t be cleaned, problems that can’t be figured out. Some folks get so dysfunctional, they seem to be wadded up and tossed on a waste heap.

But there’s hope. Nobody’s a useless scrap of baling wire.

Proverbs 3:5,6 reminds us that “he will make your paths straight” if you trust in him.

That’s what we all need…at times: someone to straighten out the crooked.
God will, if we ask him.
And no reason to wait until we’ve gone completely haywire.


When’s a time you truly felt the word ‘haywire’ fit your situation?


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csthankful said...

Having situations in life go "haywire" is the norm on this earth. Thankfully as the years have gone by I have learned that no matter what is going on...God Is.....once I stop and jump off the craziness, then I know He is Who He says He is. I am sure we all have times that we jump in with both feet in situations that God wants to handle for us. What a blessing to not have to stay on the ride that takes us away from Him.

Janet Bly said...

CS: Thanks so much for your comments and sharing your own experiences with the going haywire thing.