Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ever Heard of a Barn Quilt? Rose McCauley's Got One. . . .

We know a number of friends who quilt. But we'd never heard of or seen a barn quilt. Rose McCauley of Kentucky sent us these photos of her own barn quilt for our Country Life Captions feature. . . .

Note from Rose:

"I live on a cattle farm in KY which isn't very far west, but I still thought you might enjoy this pic of our barn quilt. They’re becoming quite popular around here."

"This barn quilt was given to us by our three children and their spouses for Christmas, 2008. They chose a red, white  and blue pattern because their dad is a veteran. I always plant red, white and blue flowers in front of our house in the summer and fly an American flag."

Rose McCauley has two sites and
She features a book contest each month on her blog.

Rose McCauley
A Bit More About Rose:

Rose received her first fiction contract last September at the 9th annual American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in a surprise announcement by Becky Germany of Barbour Publishing.

Her novella is entitled Nick's Christmas Carol and will be in the anthology Christmas Belles of Georgia that will release in September 2011. 

Congratulations, Rose! 


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For His Glory said...

curious as to the size and materials for the barn quilt.

also, congrats on the book contract. looking forward to the read.

Rose McCauley said...

Hi "For His Glory", thanks for the congrats! Or barn quilt is constructed of 2 plywood panels, each 4 feet by 8 feet to make an eight foot square. Then you decide the pattern and pencil it in then paint the various colors, leaving time to dry in between, and top it all with a clear coat of sealer. My hubby also backed it with 4 treated boards to hold it together. The hardest part was hanging it. Our daughter got a guy with an electric company bucket truck to help mount it!

Anonymous said...

Yep, they're all over around here!! I think they're pretty neat!

(also in Kentucky)