Friday, July 16, 2010


Janet Chester Bly

I’m surrounded by imperfect people. And so are you.

Faults splinter the spine of every nation. Every leader. Every family. Every marriage. Every child. Every human. So many hurting, fractured relationships. Only God is perfect in all he says and does. Yet, multitudes get cranky with him too. Factor this into your interactions with people…all the complexity of those hassles. It’s part of the war you fight for peace.

What you consider flaws could be different filters. Not everyone sees issues the same nor holds compatible opinions. What’s with that? Drives you crazy, for sure. But that’s part of the mix. Get over it.

“I can stay composed for days on end, then ‘bingo,’ I lose it.” It’s good to know you’re flawed too. Be open to truth about yourself, about others, about your world. Then, live with it.

Marcella’s husband is a very methodical, exacting re-modeler. She has offered to help countless times, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Marcella and her four kids have been cramped in the basement for. . .would you believe?. . .nineteen years! They must traipse through the roomy disrepair and sawdust upstairs to leave the house.

How does she endure this travesty?

Marcella did a slow burn until she convinced her hubby to dig out an entrance from the basement. After several months, this one job got done. Marcella landscaped the back entrance with purple dahlias, alyssum, and lots of yellow daisies. Now that she avoids the upstairs route, she’s stopped stewing so much. She's too busy enjoying the butterflies.

Understand that no relationship will be perfect and you’ve conquered the major frustrations of your existence. Deal with what you’ve got. But also…be extra cautious about what you take on.

Folks who truly want peace get creative. 

What ‘very-different-for-you’ touch can you put on your day’s events and relationships…that just might turn it around?


rehab-bingo said...

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Janet Bly said...

Thank you for your note. Stop by again anytime.