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No Wound Too Deep for Deep Love of Christ

No Wound Too Deep by author & speaker Lisa Buffaloe
No Wound Too Deep for Deep Love of Christ

Lisa Buffaloe Speaks on Healing Internal Wounds. 

She made an audio recording of "No Wound Too Deep for the Deep Love of Christ". 
Also a PDF transcript for download. Her heart and passion is to point those wounded to the healing of Christ.

You can listen at and download a free copy of the transcript.

Lisa Buffaloe she shares how God’s healing is available for the soul-wounded. As God tenderly pulls away layers concealed in darkness, His light cleanses, renews, and brings wonderful freedom. Because there is no memory too dark, no sin too hidden, and no abuse too great for the healing touch of God.

Lisa’s past experiences include molestation by a baby-sitter. Assault. Rape by a doctor. Divorce. Being stalked. Cancer. Death of loved ones. Seven surgeries. And over eleven years of chronic illness from Lyme Disease. The backdrop to share about God’s unending love. Through Him she and we all can find healing, restoration, and renewal.

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To order the book on Amazon with more detail, No Wound Too Deep For The Deep Love Of Christ

Author and Speaker Lisa Buffaloe
Lisa Buffaloe

About founder and host, Lisa Buffaloe

Lisa Buffaloe is a joyfully in love with God, avid blogger, writer, speaker, happily-married wife, mom, founder and radio host for Living Joyfully Free Radio.
Lisa is the author of Living Joyfully Free, Living Joyfully Free – Volume 2: The Joyful Journey Continues, Nadia’s Hope, Prodigal Nights, and Grace for the Char-Baked. Her healing story from Lyme Disease is featured in I Believe in Healing: Real Stories from the Bible and Today.

Lisa Buffaloe is the winner of the Robin Award, 2013 Idahope Christian Writers, Writer of the Year. Her fiction manuscripts, Nadia’s Hope, andProdigal Nights both placed as finalists the last two years in the Women of Faith writing contest. 
Nadia’s Hope also placed as runner-up in the 2010 American Christian Fiction Writer’s (ACFW) Genesis Contest.

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Lisa Buffaloe’s Blog — Thoughts on God, difficulties, and just plain old life.
Living Joyfully Free is a labor of love by Lisa Buffaloe. She receives no compensation and does not charge her guests.

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