Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ketch My Saddle, the cowboy says.
Stephen Bly and horse Sundance

No one likes to get bucked off a horse. Old cowboys especially. But if his broomtail decided to 'hop for mama,' 'take ya to church,' 'chin the moon,' or 'wrinkle his spine,' he plowed the ground with his face. Then he must catch the rude horse and holler, "Ketch my saddle!"

Two good reasons for that western slang slogan, "Ketch my saddle." One, in the Old West cowboys rode $10 horses and sat $40 saddles. Which do you think was more valuable? Two, on many ranches the horse belonged to the brand, but the saddle was the property of the cowboy.

You may never have been bucked off a horse, but you've probably gotten mashed before. That can be a social, emotional, or spiritual crunch. The result is you're battered and bruised.

Paul told Timothy, "Some have even rejected sound teaching and shipwrecked their faith" (1 Timothy 1:19).

When you're embarrassed by failure or should have known better. When you weren't able to hang on and a trial threw you. You need to holler out, "Ketch my saddle!" That is, "Give me a hand and don't let me lose my valuables."

Sometimes we cry out to God, "Catch my marriage." "Catch my child." "Catch my faith."

Ketch my saddle, the cowboy says.
A valuable saddle with lots of chrome
Don't be too proud to call on others to help you save what's priceless, before it's gone.

Stephen Bly
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