Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Book For Kids: The Song of Pounce

The Song of Pounce, a new book for kids, by Nita Berquist
The Song of Pounce

by Nita Berquist

Here's a new book for kids, written by a friend ... 

Can a really different outsider ever belong?

Life for Pounce is upside down. He is thrown away, cruelly treated; a housecat dishonored by people, chased by wild animals, and faced with strange adventures. 

Can he live up to his name and boldly pounce on life in spite of his fears? Will wild animals, loud people, and large farm animals intimidate him into cowering through life?

Pounce is a cat story––tragic, funny, simple, and profound. Yet, he discovers that making tough decisions in the face of trouble can cement true friendship, and he finds that innocence is not an impossible handicap to overcome. Finally, Pounce’s love for learning keeps him singing, for he knows that singing your way through life is a very good thing for a cat, or anyone, to do.

The Song of Pounce is a fictional story based on a real Pounce cat that had short black and white hair arranged in spots; long, powerful hind legs; and a silly look on his mottled face. He was sickly, unwanted by anyone and finally purchased for twenty dollars at an animal shelter by the author.

The fictional character of Pounce is presented as a discarded young housecat who discovers that being innocent is not a handicap when you are willing to learn, and that danger and difficulties can cement true friendship with others.

Young readers will enjoy The Song of Pounce and its animals while it also makes an entertaining read aloud story for the entire family. Sources at the end of the book are listed to aid young people to follow their interests in animals from the story, in agriculture, or in related fields as potential choices for their adult lives.
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