Tuesday, June 05, 2012

PRISON BREAK by Janet Chester Bly

When you want peace from the stress of life, if you can play your own instrument. . .or sing a power song. . .or create your own surround sound, that's a bonus.

I enjoy pleasurable memories of my mother playing "Moonlight Sonata" or one of many other classics she mostly played by ear on her antique upright piano.

Singer Pam Thum
Pam Thum told interviewer Camerin J. Courtney in Today's Christian Woman that she was raised by traveling evangelist parents. They produced dramas for the road.

"But moving around every month or so was really hard. We'd pull into a new town and I'd go up to the kids and say, 'Hi, my name's Pam. Want to be my best friend for four weeks?"

She'd find some pals, then cry when they left town.

"I was a happy, bubbly kid on the outside, but deep inside I was lonely. With friends constantly ripped from me, I became fearful of goodbyes."

She found peace in her music, in helping her fans not to feel so lonely through her songs.

Paul and Silas in prison
Charged with disturbing the peace, the magistrates ordered Paul and Silas to be stripped, beaten, flogged and tossed in jail (Acts 16). Talk about a very bad, no good day.

But instead of griping or cursing or wailing, Paul and Silas sang hymns. That got the ground to quake so hard, the prison rumbled, the doors flew open, and chains broke loose. Tossed like dirty, bloody mops into a moldy cellar, this pair praised God. Then, they refused to escape when they had a chance, on account of maybe saving some soul. In this case, the jailer's and all his household.

Their peace when they got an unfair shaft changed a whole family's eternal destiny.

How about trying to create music during your next torment that seems like a prison and see what happens? For you. For your circumstance. For those around you. You never know. You might walk out healed and free. And take some others with you.

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