Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Janet Chester Bly at Oregon Beach
by Janet Chester Bly
Copyright 2008

When I need peace, I face the music. I pull out the CDs that pulsate with gentle wind, waves and seagull sounds, such as "Ocean Tides Interludes" by Steven Gruskin. I almost feel a crackling in my spine and spirit as my very sinews soothe.

Or I pluck up the full range of offerings by John Denver.
Or any Bill & Gloria Gaither recording will do.
Or I download a full orchestra without voices.

In that one way, I can call upon the healing benefits of peace any time I want. And so can you. What are your peace tunes?

If you were assaulted by noisy neighbors in a hotel room what songs would you play on your iPod or Walkman that would mask the intrusive clamor and help you fall asleep? What would bring quiet? Rest? Sweet relief? Once you've isolate your trove of tunes, record them back-to-back, so you can enjoy the best ones straight through for your peace break. I like to pull a couple here and there from each singer or group I enjoy.

Play them when pouring over your tax returns. Or dealing with your ex. Or trying to figure out a new computer. Or answering the phone for the umpteenth ring. Listen to them while doing housework or homework, commuting to your job, or raking leaves (pine needles in my neck of the woods). Orchestrate your own placid isle at the peak of your storms. The world in all its fury may remain, but the sharp points can be softened.

If you have means, hire your own live music. That's how King Saul tamed his inner beast. "Some of Saul's servants suggested a remedy. 'Let us find a good musician to play the harp for you whenever the tormenting spirit is bothering you. The harp music will quiet you, and you will soon be well again'" (1 Samuel 16:16 NIV).


What's the music that washes peace over you every time you hear it?


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