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Janet Chester Bly
Janet Chester Bly
Copyright 2008

Our little country church built a fence with low grade boards that had been donated. Within months, the boards twisted into crooked shapes. I hated that fence and it seemed to take forever to get it fixed. Each time I drove up to the church parking lot, I winced.

Then a friend remarked, “When I look at that fence, it’s a prod to me to pray about all that’s wrong--every out-of-whack relationship and our neighbors and church members who suffer from some pain or trouble.”

I followed her lead. When I spied the bent boards, I interceded for burdened folks. I even took a photo of the fence for my prayer journal. 

Now that the fence is straight again, I’m reminded to praise God for His many answers to my prayers.

Praying for others is the most unselfish thing we can do. To bring hope, help and healing to countless people you know. You might not be able to aid them in other ways, but you can give them the gift of prayer. To get you out of yourself and focused on someone else. You invite God’s purpose and power into the situation.

“This lifts us out of the puny reasons for living that we humans invent apart from Him,” says Ruth Myers in her book 31 Days of Prayer.

31 Days of Prayer
We become partners with the Lord of the Universe to impart miracles into mayhem, instill exciting, fresh possibilities into sterile circumstances.

For whom do you need to pray today?
How long will you commit to pray for them?

(taken from “31 Days To Personal Peace,” available as a free download at

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