Sunday, November 13, 2011


Jan & Janet
by Janet Chester Bly
Copyright 2008

A counselor once told a friend of mine, “You’ve never really had a childhood. You need to play more.”

So the two of us pulled off our shoes and tiptoed barefoot in a park fountain.
We did an overnighter in sleeping bags on an outdoor deck.
We painted pictures with our fingers.
We caught butterflies in a jar. We threw popcorn at critters.
Then, for a finale, we rolled down a gentle hill in my front yard.
A neighbor asked us what was going on. When we explained, she said, “I’ve got a friend who needs that too. I think I'll go help her.”

When is the last time you’ve done something playful?

It doesn’t take much time or expense to dance in a meadow. To walk in dawn’s light. Or make forms in mud or sand.

Plant a flower or herb garden in a window sill.
Get out the old instrument you used to play.
Watch the different ways flocks of birds fly.
Create a new recipe from ingredients in your cupboard.
Look out your window long enough to see something new.
Find humor in your mistakes and stresses.
Get close to a funny person.

“A cheerful heart does good like medicine” Proverbs 17:22 TLB

What sorts of activities do you enjoy that could be considered ‘playtime?’

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