Thursday, August 11, 2011


Children walking country road
This picture comes from Pastor Erick Reinstedt of rural Monterey County in California.

He says, "We snapped this picture some years back of our girls taking a walk. I guess I'd call it, 'It Says it All,' because, I guess it does (at least to me)."


Erick & Mary Ann Reinstedt
About Erick Reinstedt: I pastor True Life Christian Fellowship, a rural, non-denominational church.I live on 40 acres (about 55 minutes from town) with my amazing wife, Mary Ann, and two awesome daughters. We have two cows, five chickens, and three cats. I enjoy writing on my blog, A Great God & Good Coffee, and sharing my personal thoughts, things God is showing me in my study, reflections, and slices of life. The title of the blog says a lot about me—I love a good cup of coffee and God-centered fellowship in the screen porch in the summer, and by the wood stove in the winter. I believe the Bible is God's writing, front to back, word for word.

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What does this picture mean to you?


Erick Reinstedt said...

Thanks, Janet. I hope that this picture gives everyone the same warm feeling I get each time I see it. May God bless you and pour His love and comfort all over you in such tangible ways that it leaves no doubt His eye and hand and arms are on you, around you, and will never leave you. If you ever want to visit, we'd love to have you! The road the girls are walking on is the way to our home . . .

Janet Bly said...

Greetings, Erick: Appreciate the kind note and your entry in our Country Captions feature.