Saturday, April 16, 2011


Janet Chester Bly

We used to live in California near the San Andreas Fault. We know what it's like to endure the rolling, surging, rumbling of terra firma

My world’s been shaking for a long time now. It’s like I’m treading an earthquake fault and the big blow’s going to happen any day. That’s what it feels like to come alongside someone you love dearly who is critically ill.

Old comfortable routines get blown away. Familiar road signs blur. Safe standards like security and settled in your place with your people get reassigned.  Nothing’s sure. The ground rocks as I fight for balance, sanity, some way to regain some small part of all that’s being taken away from us.

But some anchors stay the same.

1.) I still walk with God. 
I know him. Well, not everything about him. I don’t grasp every insight about his character, every nuance of his wisdom, each facet of his personality. I look forward to all eternity for that closer up and more personal study. But it starts now.

He continues to speak to me through his words. For any specific situation. Like when I wondered where the guardian angels were when my hubby who has suffered so much took a nasty fall … he reminded me of Job who said, “Though he slay me, yet will I praise him” or those three guys tossed in the fiery furnace who stated, “Our God can deliver us. But if he doesn’t, we will still honor and obey him.”

2) I’m keeping on the journey to understand spiritual truth. 
All that information that’s been tucked away after years of church attendance and Bible studies and devotional readings of my own. It’s all there in the brain files. Even so, I don’t always recall the particular principle, the relevant law, one of those divine commands … upon demand. I have to keep processing the accumulated body of facts, the growing vision, until certain soul sparks glow with the Father’s Word of the Day: “Here it is. Pay attention. Live this out right here and now.”

3) I continue to meditate.
Reading and ruminating brings the power of peace to me. My old, tattered Bible’s alive with God’s Spirit. It’s sturdy. Well used. Full of scratches and notes. Pages wrinkled and worn. But then, on occasion I pull out a fresh, new copy and start over … for a cleaner, clearer perspective. I love it when precepts and promises jump out like they’re made just for me. The delight of discovery’s in sifting through ancient verses to filter into present crises and encounters. I’d rather walk by the awesome glow of massive eternal light than rush around by the puny flicker of my own self-made fire.

What have I been reading lately? Psalm 23 … as we walk through a personal  valley of the shadow of death. Psalm 91 … as I need gut-level trust in him more than ever. John 14 … to search the heart and hope of Jesus.

When was the last time you felt you were experiencing a personal earthquake?

Adapted from “31 Ways To Win The Fight For Personal Peace.” The full article’s available for free dowload at

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csthankful said...

I am so thankful for the anchor we receive with our loving Heavenly Father. When we don't understand..He is here. When we hurt and don't want to move forward...He is here. There has NEVER been a time in my life when He wasn't right here waiting to guide me. Some of those days were more than Iw anted to look at...but He was still here and led me step by baby step. This life is full of challenges. He is the answer to them all. Can't ask for more. Hugs

Janet Bly said...

Connie Sue: Thank you so much for your testimony of faith for all that you have gone through. Hugs to you.

Angie Arndt said...

Praying you both through the "shaking," Janet. Aren't you glad that He is in control of our lives? Our Father, Redeemer, Savior and Friend - no one loves us like He does.

Thank you for your reminders and blessings on you both for your ministry.

Janet Bly said...

Angie: Appreciate much your comments and grateful for your prayers. Yes, to know that God is over it all is a huge comfort to both Steve and me.