Tuesday, February 22, 2011


For those of us in the throes of winter, butterflies and fall flowers seem a distant memory. But Kym McNabney of Illinois reminds us of country life when the snow’s blown and flown. Here's our latest 'Country Life Captions' entry. . . . 

Gods Creation

When I hear of one questioning whether or not there’s a God, I have to wonder if they’re missing the amazing creations right outside their window. There is so much marvel in a dainty little butterfly feeding on nectar from another of God’s beautiful creations, a flower.  

The Beauty of the Butterfly

Yellow, black, white, orange, green…Just a few of God’s colors for us to enjoy.

 Tiger stripes

Butterflies: What an amazing assortment of colors and designs like the flowers they feed on.

Flowers for the Picking

Orange and red and yellow, reaching for the bright, warm sun above.

Kym McNabney calls herself an aspiring Contemporary Romance writer. A wife, mother of four, and an animal lover, she’s been fostering Collies for Collie Rescue of Greater IL since 2005. She’s also the Adult Pen Pal Coordinator for Willow Creek Community Church, as well as involved in other areas of the prison ministry. She loves to write, read, and listen to music. “But,” she says, “in ALL things I do, I do for the glory of God.”

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Awakening Your Sense of Wonder
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Kym McNabney said...

Janet, you book sounds wonderful!

Thanks for posting my pictures. I had a wonderful time taking them.



Janet Bly said...

Kym: You are welcome. Enjoyed this moment of Spring!