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HER HEALING WAYS, a historical novel by Lyn Cote

Her Healing Ways
Her Healing Ways
Final book in "The Gabriel Sisters" series
a Love Inspired® Historical
By Lyn Cote


Unconventional. Unafraid. Unwelcome.  A female physician with an adopted black daughter?

The townsfolk of Idaho Bend will never accept Dr. Mercy Gabriel — even when faced with a deadly cholera epidemic. But all Mercy needs is one man willing to listen … and to trust.

Four years of war command turned Lon Mackey into a footloose gambler who can't abide attachments. Yet he can't help getting riled by the threats Mercy keeps receiving. Her trailblazing courage could re-ignite his faith and humanity.

And his loyalty could make her dream—for the
first time—of a family of her own….


"Her Healing Ways (Four Stars) is a wonderful love story between two people with different outlooks on life, who together bring out the best in each other. Cote knows what will keep readers interested in the story and uses this knowledge throughout her story.  Don't miss this wonderful book."


Idaho Territory, Late September 1868

High on the board seat, Mercy Gabriel sat beside the wagon master on the lead Conestoga. The line of the supply train slowed, pulling into the mining town, Idaho Bend. Panicky-looking people raced toward it, with bags and valises in hand. What was happening here? Like a cold wet finger, alarm slid up Mercy's spine.
She reached down and urged her adopted daughter Indigo up onto the seat beside her away from the onrushing people. Though sixteen now, Indigo shrank against Mercy, her darker face tight with concern. “Don’t worry,” Mercy whispered as confidently as she could.
She looked down at a forceful man who had pushed his way to the front. He was without a coat, his shirt sleeves rolled up and his colorfully embroidered vest buttoned askew. From the flamboyant vest, she guessed he must be a gambler. What would he want with her?


When Lyn Cote became a mother, she gave up teaching, and while raising a son and a daughter, she began working on her first novel. Long years of rejection followed. Finally in 1997, Lyn got "the call." Her first book, Never Alone, was chosen by Steeple Hill for the new Love Inspired romance line. Since then, Lyn has had over thirty novels published. In 2006 Lyn's book, Chloe, was a finalist for the RITA, one of the highest awards in the romance genre. Lyn’s brand “Strong Women, Brave Stories,” always includes three elements: a strong heroine who is a passionate participant in her times, authentic historical detail, and a multicultural cast of characters.

Lyn also features stories of strong women both from real life and true to life fiction on her blog:

Lyn also can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. Drop by and "friend or follow" her. 

Now living her dream of writing books at her lake cottage in northern Wisconsin, Lyn hopes her books show the power of divine as well as human love.

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