Sunday, March 21, 2010


On the trail with Stephen Bly

Tate Aragon asked to look in the glove compartment of his pickup for a tube of deworming paste. I couldn’t find it, but I did discover a rusted spur rowel, a hatchet head, three 12 gauge shotgun shells, an “I Like Ike” campaign button, a petrified half a cheeseburger, an elk-head carved bar of soap, a Susan B. Anthony silver dollar with a hole shot through it, and a rubber rattlesnake. Tate explained, “That’s where I stow my dofunnies.”

Dofunnies—a cowboy’s name for trinkets carried in his war bag, usually tucked in the center of his bedroll. The old time trappers and scouts coined a similar word for anything fancy, whether shirt or boots or hat: fofarraw. Some fellas packed around plenty of dofunnies and fofarraw, that often slowed them down on the trail. We’ve got a junk drawer in our house for such things, where we toss odds and ends we don’t need, can’t use or don’t know where else to put them, but can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. No harm in that, as long as this stash doesn’t rob us of the space needed for more critical items.

We can hang onto spiritual dofunnies and fofarraw too…little needless details and habits and fillers…that can slow down our vitality and effectiveness. “Throw off everything that hinders and so easily tangles,” the Bible says. Sounds like dofunnies and fofarraw to me. I consider myself a pretty hard-working, organized kind of guy, but I’m sure I’ve got plenty of my own. I think I’ll start by dumping that whole junk drawer and starting over with practical stuff, while I think through one time-wasting activity I can change or delete.                                                                                      


MSGWife said...

so true, it's easy to hold on to our junk which includes the junk that keeps us from our time with the Lord. I know for a fact that a lot of the junk in my life keeps me in the same ole spot and it's hard thing to break. For me cleaning out a drawer is hard to do. I happen to be a keeper, I like to keep everything and it's hard for me to throw stuff out. Likewise it's hard for me to do change and spend my time time with the Lord like I should. I hate to admit it but it's true.

Heidiwriter said...

I've heard of foforraw or falderal, but not dofunnies! Great words!

Connie Sue said...

I know I have plenty of "things" that can be tossed, given away or otherwise shared....when I get a feww moment or ten! Ha!Course I don't want any "thing" to get int he way of my time with My Heavenly you have given me some good food for thought.....thanks bunches